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My one more Inspiration is FRIENDSHIP with Artist who lives in Tenerife and makes Light of Love paintings. His name is Arni, he have painted me paintings and we have printed small postcards. Your personal wishes can be added on the beautiful postcard.

The Founder


If it would seem closer to your worldview, I’d be grateful and would love to share my works with you.

I’ve born in Belarus in an ordinary family. I’ was just a kid and what I was doing all free time after school and boxing class, I was painting all the time. In my family, there were no artists so it was only a hobby. Just later I’ve felt that all I do it doesn’t belong only to me, I had to share. And after I’ve shared my pictures, my life started slightly change. I’ve started to get invitations to travel all over the world. I’ve been painting walls in the hude houses made them cozy and interesting. I was painting pure nature I’ve never seen before, just I could paint, It was like a flow throw me.

Once I’ve painted the ocean and it was just a dream. After several years I’ve been invited to come to Tenerife, Canary Islands and I saw the same beach I’ve painted then long time ago. This is how it goes 🙂

Thank you for visiting my page. Here I’m sharing love, freedom, and beauty via my paintings. You can find the copies, the rays of my art you can have in your lifes as well.

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