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Polished caramel Amber necklace

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Color: Brown Caramel.

Finishing: SHINY – Polished.


~45cm (~17.7 inch), WEIGHT ~ 13 g.
~55cm (~21.7 inch), WEIGHT ~ 16 g.

Amber Bead size: 7-8 mm.

CLASP: Plastic twist (screw).

Additional information
  • HANDMADE from genuine Baltic Amber.
  • Great accessory and perfect gift for men and women.
  • Baltic Amber jewelry are certified by the International Amber Association.
  • Natural Baltic Amber jewelry releases healing oils containing succinic acid and it helps to:
    • reduce inflammation, fever.
    • improve sleep.
    • relieve joint pain.
    • rebalance organism and heal itself.
    • boost immunity system.
  • Necklace does not lose effectiveness over the time.
  • The pain relieving starts in 15-30 minutes.
  • Amber healing could have different effectiveness to every person, just it worth to try as since ancient times till now it has a very high success rate.
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Additional information

~45cm (~17.7 inch), ~55cm (~21.7 inch)

Polished caramel Amber necklace

17,00 25,00 


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